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Olamide – The Glory Intro Lyrics

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Olamide - The Glory Intro Lyrics

Won ni o tutu fe drop album
I dont even know where to start from
The street only bang with me cause
Nobody else to fun awon temi ni platform
Ti alaye ti rap o ti longtime
Sugbon number one shi ni number ee
Don’t mess with me am the wrong guy
Pada lo si ile loso fu oga ee
And I got so many style
I can freaking rap flip it back dj Jimmy Jat
And they say why did he do that
So I can take it back if this nigga try to copycat
They want to know what I have been up to
Been cooking that fire for my people straight from the underground
Nobody to ma so pe owun o mo how is going down
To ba fe shey iyawo o lati ready owo wedding gown
E mi o gbadun mo ti ya weyre
Sneh lo bo lowo kon she obedeponbede
Igba te fi ya la mi fi won fun yin

Kongo garri la ma fi won Eya te ma je fun yin
Say what you want mi o ni feelings
Stacking money up straight to the ceiling
Young nigga too hustle too grind
Toh started from the bottom
Toh wan pop toh bad
Toh gbele toh fine
Eri deals toh sign
Wo ti so fun yin amor shine when amor shine
Amo sha ema lo shy teba fe chill
Pelu wa elososha
Shebi moet le fe mu Abi Hennessy le fe mu
Gbenu si no bi atenu
Balu olorun lo fe mu
Emi ika mo ti reke re le
O ni la gbe ijoko wa mo gbe ijoko
Fun owun no joko
Akutuku iya re ni ona orun

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Posted on December 19, 2016


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