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XXXTentacion Documentary Finally Announced

documentary trailer finally surfaces online.

XXXTentacion Documentary Finally Revealed

One year back yesterday (June 18), the life of XXXTentacion came to a tragic end when the 20-year-old rapper was shot and killed in Deerfield Beach, Fla. On the commemoration of the rapper’s passing, the rapper’s Instagram account posted a trailer reporting a documentary chronicling the life of the 2017 XXL Freshman.

In the shot clip, XXX tends to fans, finishing the clip with what feels like a statement of purpose for the documentary. “This is the story, this is the full story and this is the last time I will tell it,” he says in the clip, which finishes on those words.

While XXXTentacion is never again present in the physical being, his legacy keeps on resounding the hip-hop network. Since his death, a few XXX releases have been confirmed platinum or above, with his ? album, “Moonlight” and more earning significant stream increases in the course of the most recent year. Since his death, in any event, five artists have gotten tattoos inspired by the rapper.

Someone else who was touched by the life of XXX was Empire founder Ghazi Shami, who thought about the legacy of XXX soon after the rapper’s death.

“I think catastrophic is the word,” Shami said when asked about X’s death during a Beats 1 Radio meeting last July. “His loss is catastrophic. There’s a whole generation of youth that looked to him for a voice. I think that watching him mature as a human being in just like, the 14 months that I knew him 16 months, whatever it was. I mean, to see him go from a child he was 18 years old when I met him in the jail and did a record deal with me, to where he was at now, just before he passed away…just the conversations he was having with me, and the things that he was focused on, and the things that he wanted to accomplish, showed the potential of what he was going to contribute to the world. I think it was cut catastrophically short.”

See the XXXTentacion documentary trailer for yourself just underneath.

XXXTentacion Documentary Finally Revealed