Boogey – Remember Remember Lyrics

Remember Remember Lyrics –

Boogey - Remember Remember Lyrics

Remember remember the 7th of November
From heaven I descended
to p--s you off like my gift is a crime, i’ll do the time, so how heavy is my sentence
Zero to life in this bodily temple where I spend it
Oya shake body N----s tremble when i’m mentioned
I shook YOUR hand but you shook, now you ending our friendship
Decision pending, YOUR feelings assemble in a blender
If it’s love and admiration then you tend to be my friend and
if it’s hate, the envy made you resemble an avenger
Hulk smash
when I walk past

Talk trash
I stay gentle with my temper
but on tracks I’m ballistic on instrumentals, f--k a tempo
I be spitting it quick on a slow beat
And the rhythm is sick if you listen, i’m switching the flow when there’s no beat
I’m the reason a rapper get no sleep
I’m the reason the devil get cold feet
Hi G
I liked YOUR girl’s pictures on IG
I heard she let 5 Gees hit it for 5 Gees
That’s how I cross em, cause em to wanna crucify me
I don’t want no trouble, but i’m annoying as a boy enjoying a telenovela
I’m telling you fellas
I fell into hell
and elevated with a heli propeller
All eyes on me, now Makaveli be jealous
like dudes when I take their boos and cause their bellies to swell up
You only lost em cos the booze caused your belly to swell up
Nothing working out huh? Welcome to the club

Bye to my fake friends Bye to the only girl I ever really loved
Telling me we should be friends everytime she gimme hugs
when i’m tryna get my w---y rubbed
I hope we meet again when my wallet is christopher wallace…or ricky ross
or nicki’s buttyou feel me?
Shawty making moves and she’s getting her groove on
See her name everywhere, I can’t forget it and move on
Things that make a rap spitter vex
Wack spitters, beef, and falling in love only to BECOME the bitter ex
But still I keep my focus on the main objective
When I gain acceptance
i’ll probably live through the pain and let live
The future me telling me learn to not complain in excess
Cause and effect, it’s because you walk in the rain you wet kid
Remember when the homie Terry was up
Lord TR now and heks still tearing it up
The BANS movement and he’s killing it Boys are not smiling
Pow pow pow n-ggatoys are not silent

If you a teenager, might have been the days of your pop’s youth
when rap heads was wishing they swapped roots with swat root
Bar raised high, I couldn’t deny the level
but I wondered if 6ft plus was only 5 ’11
Ill bliss back in the day with the thorobreds
Bank alerts now, man i’m tryna make that sorta bread
Illegal music was the hottest tape
so It’s Ironic how MI later had the game locked with Safe
Naeto C, we knew the P and the rest of the alphabet
The fashion was sense
was classy and even in tees and true religion,
I’ll confess
that you been on that Malcolm X (Preach)
This generation got a light skin rapper speaking igbo
and the first time I saw him I thought the swag was fido dido
Before you throw stones, i’m a fan of phyno, people

Haters in ghost mode, pray the boy don’t see no evil
Sasha, blaise, Kel held it down for the chicks
So it’s kinda sad, they aint been around for a bit
New queens Eva, pryse, and some underground that can spit
Which ONE of them gonna give me head and leave the crown on my d--k
Unsung hero or one song hero
I WANT MONEY and respect, what the hell you want from me though
Break the rules but if you’re scared of a fracture then bend em
Hip hop police steady tryna catch an offender
This gift is a curse, back to the sender
Or Carry your cross and you can have a chain attached to the pendant
God MC providing food for thought, go ahead and thank me
And may you shine like light bulbs or the head on banky

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Boogey - Remember Remember Lyrics