Brymo – Heya! Lyrics

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Brymo - Heya! Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Everybody say them dey go their way
But I no think say, say we dey block each other way
Lai Lai
You no go hear the people say
Say na our ignorance dey make life hard

[Hook/Chorus 1]
Some dey talk and some dey walk and time just dey pass us by

[Verse 2]
Every woman dey look for man wey go love her right
Wey go ignore her shortcomings
Wey go take her like that
And every man dey look for woman to hold tight
But na ignorance dey let love down

[Hook/Chorus 2]
Some dey come and some dey go and love just dey pass us by

[Verse 3]
I don dey stubborn since the time I be small pikin
Na me dey always first see the problem, eh ah eh
Na me dey quit last, I no dey run fast
Papa say make I live freely like rich man pikin

[Hook/Chorus 3]
I just dey fall, I just dey rise and time just dey pass me by

Some dey laugh and some dey cry and time just dey pass us by
Some dey work and some dey pray and time just dey pass us by


Produced By: Mikkyme Joses Engineering: Mikkyme Joses Mastered At: Metalwork Studio Canada Released: March 27, 2018 Label: The Bail Entertainment Company
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Brymo - Heya! Lyrics