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Ice Prince – Magic Lyrics

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Ice Prince – Magic Lyrics

Yo hold up a second
Yo, I’m dynamo bling b---h
Ah, okay
Dynamo bling b---h
Dynamo bling b---h
Dynamo bling b---h
Dynamo bling

[Verse 1]
Ayy, I’m ’bout to rumble the earth
Put this n----s in the dirt
I’m ’bout to pull up the city and I just spent fifty thousand on a shirt
Bad b-----s love to twerk
They like to party and flirt

If there’s a problem you know that my city goons always on the low
Bad boy from the source
All my women looking soft
All my women looking cocky as hell and my n----s never give a f--k
Mama told me never trust
In the streets never give it up
Your hommie (?) before anything
Just like Judas said Jesus (?)
You already know the bars no be display
Uh, (?) starting this day, yeah
Magazines like each day, uh
They love to put us on a replay
And you already know we never gon stop now
Tell em haters they should drop down
Uh, Shina Peller with the hookah n---a
Yeah, blowing smoke from a pipe now

[Hook/Chorus] (x2)
Magic Magic

[Verse 2]
N----s talk behind my back
Tryna get me to react
They talking bad about me see me around and ask for autograph
And that’s when I start to laugh out
That’s when I started to pass out
I step inside of your building your lady got crazy and brought all her a-s out
Skrr, skrr, f--k with a n---a you know I ain’t regular
Uh, I’m sick to the brain n---a my whole medulla
And if you ain’t gon tell me about the money never hola at the cellular
Real n---a you already know the formula
Bad man never boning the regular
Skrr skrr, yeah

Tell me what you want?
Shawty gon say, magic
She call me dynamo bling
Stop that traffic
When I pull up in the club
Dj drop that magic

[Hook/Chorus] (x2)
Magic Magic

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Posted on June 10, 2017


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Ice Prince – Magic Lyrics
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