Krept – Cold Summer Lyrics

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Krept - Cold Summer Lyrics

Turn me up in the headphones
Cold summer

[Verse – Krept]
These psychopaths kill innocents
The news blame Islam and you fell for it
I don’t know what Islam that is
But in Islam you kill a innocent you got to go to hell for it
Paedophiles three years what the f--k darg
They gave my brother ten years for a drug charge
A rapist less time than a hustler
You wanna talk justice where the f--k’s ours

When a n---a from the hood’s tryna make change
Stay out of jail tryna rap tryna maintain
The police lock shows when they got (?)
Why they trying to a keep a n---a on the block for
They still follow us around on the shop floor
For the same job got to do a lot more
I know it ain’t equal
So I’m tryna own s--t and employ my people
I wish it weren’t quite true
They don’t see the same as a white dude

And to my white folks thinking “But I do”
Man trust me not everybody’s like you
They see me in a hoodie thinking how you driving that
They think why do blacks love buying ice and that
(?) they went Africa and took our diamonds from us
Now we just want our diamonds back
Why you think blacks love diamonds
I put diamonds in my watch that’s black man time
And man I love to see a black man shining

But it’s more beef more grief more black man dying
Then they throw us all in a cell
My young black G’s got to change just within ourselves
They don’t even need to kill us now
They just give us the guns and we kill ourselves
I know a lot can’t relate can’t understand
But s--t ain’t the same for a coloured man
Let me break something down for you

Let me show you how them feds just another gang
They stop man moving to west fam it’s long
Like what’s your name where you from
And they’ll probably hold up draw a weapon on you
Like what you doing around here what you on
And search pockets like fam what you got for me

Something in there for me to take fam got to be
Real talk I can tell you this s--t for free
That sounds like some real gang s--t to me
Hair (?) and we breeze off
When I see the word cops I just see ops
Act like they care the feds need a Oscar
No weapon in his hand but they shot (?)

God knows why we don’t rate them
My bro said can I get a amen
And when the feds talk to you like s--t
Remind them it’s your tax that pays them
Didn’t give a d--n till I saw the bigger picture
You meet a real girl watch how you dealing with her
Cuh if the same s--t happened to your sister
You gonna want to kill a n---a
But it’s a tricky one

Thots don’t help always showing us their t--s and bum
You’re always showing off your bumper
And wonder why men always hit and run
All my queens stand up
My beautiful queens that worship the higher
My queens in the church in the choir

My sisters in the (?)
They look at you strange cause you’re covering your faces
But they don’t understand that you’re looking at them strange
Cause they’re half naked and don’t understand how they’re harassed by men on a day to day basis
Man a woman so powerful
The only thing apart from god that a man will bow down to
Give you that ring that bling that (?) and go all out for you

Got to give praise to a woman
Every single one of us came from a woman
I was raised by a woman
Graced by a woman
Learnt values morals I was changed by a woman
My words don’t need validation
Lord what a creation
All my women in my life been amazing
Just show her my appreciation

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Krept - Cold Summer Lyrics